Australian food innovations are among the world's best

The CSIRO have begun researching how technology can be used to create personalised meals based on our nutritional needs.
Imagine owning a device that instantly prepares a meal for you based solely on your daily nutritional needs.
That could be the future of food, according the CSIRO, who've begun research into how technology could be used to create personalised diets using information relating to our lifestyle and genetics.
The CSIRO’s Dr Jared Raynes, who is part of the study, says the aim is to develop a wearable device, like an Apple Watch, that could determine what food your body needs when you wake up in the morning.

NSW EPA invites applications for food waste reduction grants

The NSW EPA has opened applications for the fourth round of its ‘Love Food Hate Waste grants’, aimed at projects to reduce food waste in NSW.

The program is being delivered in partnership with the Environmental Trust, as part of the $465.7 million Waste Less Recycle More program.

About Australian SMART Farm

The University of New England has transformed 'Kirby-Newholme', a 2,900 ha commercial farm located 10 km north west of the campus, into a SMART Farm (Sustainable Manageable Accessible Rural Technologies Farm). Kirby-Newholme is part of the university's Armidale commercial farms. The SMART Farm showcases the latest technologies aimed at improving productivity, environmental sustainability, safety, workflow and social/business support networks on Australian farms.

With $2 million SMART Farm Innovation Centre perched atop a knoll in the middle of the farm, and linked via AARNet and the national broadband network (fibre, terrestrial wireless AND satellite), the predominantly grazing SMART Farm is a national demonstrator site.

Ramsey's committee looks at smart farming

Grey MP Rowan Ramsey, chairman of a standing committee on agriculture and industry, tabled the committee’s report on farm innovation and predicted a “boom” in the industry. He told parliament that “Australia has always been a world leader in agricultural innovation”. The key to huge development of agriculture was the application of new technology to individual farms, backed by government.

Mr Ramsey said the committee members had been excited the potential of agriculture and the “almost endless” opportunities for efficiencies, improvements and increased production as a result of new technology.

Government to launch $28 million taxpayer-funded ad campaign to sell innovation policies

The Turnbull government will spend $28 million on a taxpayer-funded advertising blitz to spruik its innovation agenda and trigger a "cultural shift" in the economy.

The new sales pitch brings the total cost of four major advertising campaigns under the Abbott and Turnbull governments to at least $84.5 million.

Industry, Innovation and Science Minister Christopher Pyne said the government's innovation agenda


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