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ERICENA - fast-tracking European innovators access to the Chinese market

Europe is actively engaged internationally to strengthen its leadership in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in the global scene as well as to improve international synergies and cooperation. Particularly, one of Europe’s aims is to foster its STI presence in China due to its growing importance and STI opportunities for European actors.
It is in this context that the European Commission encouraged and supported the creation of a network of centres in China - one of the world's most dynamic and innovative country - that will connect and support European researchers and entrepreneurs globally, in order to strengthen the position of Europe as a world leader in STI.
EBN, together with 7 other European and 5 Chinese partners took up the challenge and propose to set up a Centre and network of regional hubs in China in order to promote European innovators’ interests in China and to create synergies between European and local Chinese innovation stakeholders.
The result is ERICENA (European Research Innovation Centre of Excellence in China), a 48 month initiative that kicked off in January 2017 and will be implemented in 4 stages:
Initial set-up Stage > M1 – M12
To identify demand and needs, define strategic goals, business fields and service portfolio that best address the market needs in China, aligning them with the strategic priorities of EU China STI cooperation.
Piloting Stage > M13 – M24
To set-up ERICENA as a Project Office in Beijing and establish ERICENA focal point in Brussels, under the responsibility and at the premises of EBN.
Full Operational Stage > M25 – M36
To provide increasingly refined services which have been tested in the Pilot Stage in all five regions in China.
Self-Sustainability Stage > M37 – M48
To reach financial independence, as ERICENA is expected to fully rely on its own revenues to provide the final set of services.
The establishment of the Centre is still at the early stage and the project consortium is now shaping the centers’ services portfolio.

Web-site: http://ebn.eu/index.php?lnk=K2tiZmlkaWp5MVZzVWF6SzFUWkpHME5WUHJ6OFdWZEliNjlXT3VZMlh1cz0

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