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Finnish Startup Ecosystem Goes International

Just a few years ago the Finnish startup ecosystem was relatively small and inward-looking, but now it is drawing in the brightest high-tech minds and most innovative companies from around the world. What has changed?

  1. Innovative programs such as Startup Sauna and New Factory encourage and groom young, high-tech startups for competition on the global market.
    Startup Sauna was created to solve a problem: Finland has great researchers and technology, but not many globally successful companies. So the main purpose is to increase the number and the quality of startups in the region.
    New Factory is the innovation and business incubation centre of choice. It has helped to create dozens of startups and hundreds of jobs and projects so far.
  2. Slush Helsinki – one of the leading tech and startup events in the world is organized every autumn for thousands of small, high-tech company companies around the globe.
    Slush brings together entrepreneurs, investors and high-tech executives for two days of business and pleasure. Participants hope to find funding for their companies, or partners for projects, or just to meet others in the industry.
  3. In Finland they clearly understand the importance of human resources. There are not enough growth companies now. To have those companies Finland needs people who are passionate, ready and able to take the risk and do what it takes to start a business. So they concentrate on people. Finnish approach is open, agile and community-based.
  4. Startup Sauna also organizes international one-day coaching events in various cities in our core region of the Nordics, Eastern Europe, Russia and even in Kenya and South Korea. These events are aimed at meeting and helping local startups and understanding how the local ecosystem is doing.
  5. During the last five years the culture in Finland has shifted to what we like to call a pay-it-forward culture. This means that serial entrepreneurs and investors are today helping out new companies. The ecosystem in general is very tight, so you can actually meet someone and get help quite easily.

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