altThe idea to create the INNO-MIR Company  was born as a result of many years' successful experience in organizing and convening the annual International Forum FROM SCIENCE TO BUSINESS, which was held in St. Petersburg in May 2016 for the tenth time.

The Forum organizers and participants are people passionate about innovative ideas in various fields of economics, business, science and education.  They take part in the Forum for constructive discussions and to share successful experiences implementing innovative projects.

Each year, representatives of various universities, knowledge-based enterprises, government organizations and committees from more than 70 cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries attend the Forum.  Approximately 35% of the participants are recurrent participants.


The modern world still has to face many challenges because under the influence of the process of globalisation every main parameter of everyday life has become one whole system, though control mechanisms that qualitatively change the world have not yet been produced. Without the creation of such a system, which regulates humanity as a whole organism, a civilization does not possess a bright future. Only by joining together the forces of all countries, which are based on the careful attitude towards the surrounding world in all of its aspects, is it possible to develop new algorithms for the expansion of humanity and its spiritual renaissance.

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