“Finland is a country with a winning high-tech industry, and its national innovation model is recognized as one of the most efficient in the world, despite the fact that a few decades ago, the country had neither a well-developed industry, nor a strong scientific foundation.  Basic research had never been of primary importance.  What is Finland’s secret to innovation success?”

Marina Muravyova, STRF.ru 


Within a couple of decades, the Finnish economy was orientated from natural resources towards high-technology production.  Today, Finland is one of the recognized leaders in innovation activities.

Finland became the first country to approve the concept of a national innovation system as a basic element of science and technology policy.  In practice, this meant an increase in the number of enterprises number which lay at the heart of innovation and know-how, as well as the strengthening of institutions engaged in research activities. 


One of the main objectives of Finland’s social policy is a guarantee to access quality education.  “For an economy, built on innovation, it is necessary to prepare highly-educated workers in all the activity spheres,” said Ilkka Turunen, Chief Advisor of the Finnish Ministry of Education.  “An innovative society cannot exist without a school that encourages people to find creative approaches, risk-taking and open-mindedness.”  

05Finland is a leading country, as measured by  investment into research.  Funding for higher education in science is approved by  the Academy of Finland, which is controlled by the Ministry of Education, the Fund Sitra, acting under the under the aegis of Parliament, and the National Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations (Tekes).

Thus, the Finnish experience demonstrates that with a targeted government policy, effective interaction with business, as well as long-term investments into science, innovation and education, it is possible to build a successful, model of a successful innovative society. 

06However, Finns attest that, their country rapidly became prosperous, competitive and was regularly recognized in various surveys, because of the country’s "social capital". The government invests not only in technology, but also in social innovations*, in its people’s well-being, seeking to make their lives easier and, more convenient.  The citizens respond with high productivity, and sincere national pride.  In other words, social innovations form the basis to create an Innovative Culture in Finland, now considered one of the most developed countries in the world. 07

Finns believe that by taking care of their citizens and their social welfare, Finland was able to achieve first place as an innovative power.

Interregional Innovative Development Center “INNO-MIR” invites you to take part in the international educational program "Innovative culture of Finland", organized jointly with JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK), City of Jyväskylä, Finland.


*What is the «Social innovation»? These are new ideas that help to solve existing social, cultural and economic tasks so that these decisions will benefit humanity and the Planet.  Social innovations include new social systems, healthcare developments, educational tools, public communication systems, applying innovative approaches and/or technology.

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