Coordination of Scientific Projects

2activThe main focus of INNO-MIR Company is to build a platform for productive interaction between different research groups and departments both in academia and in the field of applied science. INNO-MIR provides customers with a communication platform to allow free and simple exchange of ideas and experience, which enables an efficient distribution of information, finances and time, and, ultimately, leads to a successful accomplishment of the project.


  • Search for the partners for the implementation of scientific problems and fulfilment of the joint research projects both in Russia and abroad;
  • Project marketing: promotion of the project on various similarly functioning Internet resources with the following related topics; dissemination of information on the possibilities and conditions of cooperation; informational support, collection, compilation and analysis of information on similar projects;
  • Project management, assistance in organizing and structuring of the project and general coordination;
  • Financial management services;
  • Aid in bringing in the potential business partners and investors to the project.

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