Educational programs


Together with its partners, Inno-Mir Interregional Innovative Development Center designed a unique cycle of educational programs in the field of Innovation Culture.  The cycle consists of five independent, guest-training sessions, organized on an ‘innovation developing’ territory with participation of leading Russian and international experts, trainers and teachers.  Guest sessions are held on-site in countries participating actively in innovation processes (Finland, Germany, Spain).

The training cycle is designed for:

  • CEOs and senior managers who implement  innovative development programs in their regions, organizations and enterprises;
  • Teachersof higher educational institutions, with training focused for the innovation sector;
  • Students and young professionals.

These educational programs will enable participants to:

  • Delve into different national innovative environments, both in countries, where an Innovative Culture has been  successfully created, and where Innovative Culture is still in formation;
  • Conduct comparative analyses  of various national innovation systems,  to develop a systematic approach to  innovation system development;
  • Understand the deep processes underpinning  a successful approach to  innovative development;
  • Keep abreast of key trends and innovative market features, in terms of economic change;
  • Find solutions rapidly and effectively to practical problems related to  high-technology sector innovation development and application ;
  • Improve personal and/or corporate competitiveness;
  • Secure opportunities for new business and professional contacts.

Upon completion, training certificates with recommendations are issued. 


The educational program cycle’s relevance is predicated by Russia's shift to an innovative development model, requiring innovative activity by the citizenry.  In order to accomplish the task, it is necessary to train personnel in various innovative fields, in general, as well as in the field of Innovative Culture in particular.  Moreover, it is crucial to form a corps of competent managers, capable and responsible to develop innovative organizations, as well as areas that can create an effective, innovative climate within the team, the city, the region.