Scientific Consulting


INNO-MIR provides a range of consulting services for effective research promotion and commercialisation. The creation of a proper working and communication strategy demands a thorough analytical study and target audience identification. It is crucial to organize the high-quality dissemination of accurate information about research or development through appropriate channels and to deliver it to the target group. Expert adaptation of technical and complex material to a plain language allows the working strategy to reach the right audience and ultimately lead to the positive research outcomes.
In order to ensure that projects and developments are based on research, to make them well-directed and fully implemented, INNO-MIR actively engages with clients and partners in project planning, analysis and evaluation.


  • Strategic communication and target audience coverage (content development, campaign design and implementation, press and media);
  • Technical and scientific writing (editing, proofreading, plain language, translation);
  • Research, analysis, evaluation (analytics, statistics, reporting).

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