Russian-Finnish Contest for Young Innovators in the Field of Biotechnology

The project is initiated by the Interregional Innovative Development Center INNO-MIR (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the innovation intermediary Business Arena OY (Jyvaskyla, Finland), with the support of the food biotechnology experts.
Future Food Challenge (FFCH) is an upcoming thematic idea accelerator for Russian and Finnish innovators. Its goal is to find new breakthrough ideas related to business opportunities within theme of future food.
Future Food Challenge looks for interdisciplinary science-driven and idea-stage solutions that create positive societal and business impact. Entries should address real-life opportunities in one of the following future food themes:

  • Recycling of by-products in processing of raw materials of organic origin;
  • Creation of an alternatives for products of animal origin;
  • Sustainable packaging and manufacturing of products within the food industry.
FFCH 2016is aimed to form connections between fundamental science and national industry, while broadening the horizons for the international cooperation and mutually enriching the participants’ practical skills of innovation.

Cross-disciplinary communication platform "Pi - sphere"

A new "INNO-MIR" project to support the development of Russian fundamental and applied science, create and develop multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists in the field of natural Sciences.
The format of the project allows not only to establish communication between the scientific community of Russia, but also triggers new opportunities for interaction between the scientific and technological sectors of the economy and is intended to help, primarily, young scientists, to participate in the development of new areas of knowledge. 
Conduction of complex interdisciplinary events and the availability of online service for experience exchange will make an important step in the development of Russian science in general and will start the development of the innovative culture.