altProgram "Distance education. Innovative culture of Spain" - the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) case - provides an opportunity to plunge into the detailed study of the on-line educational process, which is one of the perspective directions of higher and secondary education institutions existence and development. The program provides an understanding of the process of distance education, after complete immersion and direct involvement in this process throughout this educational program. The program is designed for specialists responsible for the innovative development of higher education institutions and other organizations related to the educational process, as well as for anyone interested in the innovative development through electronic tools (distance) education, including graduate students and young scientists.

Program structure:

Host Organization: UOC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Open University of Catalonia
Duration: 1 week Specialization: Innovation in Education
Theme: Innovation in Higher Education (the UOC case)

Barcelona is considered as one of the most attractive cities for foreign direct investment in Europe, with great potential to establish fruitful contacts with entrepreneurs or innovative firms, and is also the  fifth in world rankings as place to study for MBA . UOC - Open University of Catalonia is a fully accreditated  institution and the first 100% online university of the world.
The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) began its activities in the academic year 1995/1996, with 200 students on officially recognized courses in Educational Psychology and Business Studies in Catalan. In the intervening years, the UOC has grown and 200,000 people now form part of the UOC’s university community. Over these years, the University has increased and diversified its course offering, adding studies in Spanish and English. It has improved its educational methodology, creating a student-centred learning model. It has progressively expanded through Catalonia and Spain with a wide network of centres and information points, and has made a leap into the international market, consolidating its Mexican offices as the base for expansion into Latin America. It has also opened two research centres specializing in the information and knowledge society, and in e-learning, becoming an international benchmark in these fields.

Target group: the program has been designed to serve the interests of responsible at territorial level innovation, or enterprise level and managers interested on the innovation through the elearning tools. The UOC case will be used as example of using technologies in distance education for regional development.

Methods of study: theory - 20 hours; practical training - 15 hours; visits, sightseeing, social events.

Sizing up: participants are tested and interviewed; by the results of this exam Certificates are issued.

Minimum number of participants required: 15

Costs: 2 700 Euro

Special offer: 10% discount for participants of the VIII International From Science to Business Forum!

  • The price includes: all the activities, stated in the Program;
  • certificates;
  • professional interpreter services;
  • accommodation;
  • meals (Breakfast - lunch);
  • medical insurance;
  • transfer from/to the airport.

Please note that the costs for flights to Barcelona are not included as they depend on the city of departure. In addition, costs for visa applications are not included!

In order to ask for legal documents, visa invitation, or if you have some questions, please contact us by  e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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