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5 Innovative Tech Products Coming in 2016

Welcome to the future! It is easy to see that the past few years have been revolutionary in the development of new technology. For that reason, it’s exciting to see what 2016 has in store for us and how technology will better our lives even more. Whether it’s by helping us live a healthy lifestyle, or by improving the quality of entertainment, technology promises to bring us many great things this year. Here are just 5 of the great, new tech products to expect this year:

Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift & PSVR)
Believe it or not, virtual reality is real, and it is coming to stores sooner than you may think. With the Oculus Rift releasing in April, and the PSVR following soon after, many people can expect to have a VR headset in their home before the year ends. Video games and other interactive experiences will definitely be main appeal but there are other great ways to use this new tech. With 360-degree video and apps, VR can also be used for get closer to not-so-far-out realities like taking a tour of Paris from your living room, or being in the front row of a concert that is happening on the other side of the country. With VR, the world of entertainment will be forever changed and the opportunities will be endless.

OURA ring
The OURA ring is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better. According to the ring’s Kickstarter, when you are sleeping, the ring analyzes the quality of your rest by measuring your heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, and movement. Also, while you are awake and going about your day, the ring will monitor the intensity of your daily routines and will keep track of how long you are sitting. By weighing in all of these factors, the ring comes up with a Readiness Score that tells you on which days you should challenge yourself and on which days to take it easy. There is also an app that acts as a companion to the OURA ring. It delivers personalized and actionable recommendations, and visualizes data regarding your sleep, activity and readiness. Lastly, the ring was designed to look and feel great, to be a wellness device matches seamlessly with your style and daily life.

Seaboard RISE
The music industry is also seeing a good number of tech upgrades this year. This can easily be seen with the Seaboard RISE, a new type of keyboard that allows you to shape the sound through touch. Thanks to its rubber exterior and limited number of keys, the RISE can produce an entirely new range of sounds. With the RISE, you can control sound and make music by using 5D Touch: striking the keywaves, pressing into them, gliding sideways along them, sliding up and down the keywaves, and lifting off. The keyboard also works wirelessly through Bluetooth, allowing musicians to take it wherever they go. At a mere $800, musicians can further express their creativity with the new sounds and melodies that the Seaboard RISE has to offer.

With health being a very important issue in our society today, having a health coach can be a smart strategy to staying healthy. The DietSensor is the first health app to come with a sensor that scans your food and gives real-time results. The sensor uses near-infrared spectroscopy to examine your food on a molecular level. It then translates the data into readable information so that you can make a more balanced diet. The app has an enormous library filled with thousands of foods and it is very easy to use. The sensor even takes into account specific cooking and additive ingredients like cooking oil or special spices so that you can see how your home cooked meals are affecting your diet. With the DietSensor, people can regain control of their nutrition and be informed on what they are eating.

Microsoft’s Hololense is the first fully untethered, holographic computer that can enable high-definition holograms to integrate with our world. The Hololens is a smart glasses headset that uses a mixed reality platform to virtually project real life physical objects through holograms using the Windows 10 platform. The devices visual appearance includes sensors and a head-mounted display. There are no limits as to how this technology could be used whether its from video games and development, to visual assistance and DIY’s. With Hololens, Microsoft will blend the digital world with the real world in late 2016.
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